Discover What Your Marketing is Missing

Are you looking for innovative and engaging event solutions to connect with your customers through the powerful influence of social media? With a photo booth rental from, you can create fun-filled brand experiences that people love to share, and build awareness by promoting a positive online presence for your business.

SOCIAL PHOTO MARKETING – the social way to go viral!

Having a photo booth at your event would promote your brand in a new way! we tend to step outside the ‘booth’ to give your guest a more interactive and fun experience! Our photo booths are guaranteed to create a buzz with the fun and silly photos that will be taken throughout the course of your event. We could display a slideshow of the event photos mixed in with your company’s logo/branding on a BIG SCREEN TV in the middle of a busy traffic area, or PROJECTOR it on a fall wall surface for anyone to see throughout the venue! We also have SOCIAL MEDIA KIOSK for those that want to share their photos right away with their friends and family, and with your company logo attached to that photo, the advertising creates itself!

  • We would be able to create a custom step and repeat backdrop with your sponsors or your company logos. With the same logos, we can also predesign you a template for the events that your guests will be able to take home with them. We can put anything on the template, from logos, photos, coupons, text, numbers, hashtags… pretty much anything you want.
  • We could set it up to print double prints to speed up the process to get more session prints per minute. We host 10 second dye sub printers.. the fastest and best quality in the market.
  • If we do create a step & repeat custom backdrop for you, you will get to keep that backdrop and use it for whenever your company wishes.

  • Every photo taken in the photo booth will show up on the kiosks for the guests to upload instantly and share through social media: Facebook or Twitter. The branding and advertising will start throughout your event and beyond! Real time sharing, tagging, and commenting will entice potential customers to find out more inflation about your brand.
  • We would be able to customize the watermark to adhere to your brand/event before it reaches the kiosk, so that your brand stays on the photo that they upload and share! (see photo below)
  • If the customer decides to ‘email’ this to themselves instead of uploading to social media, we can also create an email HTML template that can say anything you’d like, whether it be talking about your product, giving them some type of promotion/discount, or just giving them more information on how they can get your product!
  • Need to collect emails? We can do that too! We would be able to collect emails for anyone that uses the social media kiosk for mailing purposes
  • Facebook Company page “LIKES” – we can set it that it is required that the guests like your company Facebook page before they get a chance to upload/share their photo! We can also put in a pre typed wall message that will display on every photo uploaded. Example such as: #pho2grapher or will show up when their photo is uploaded.

  • All event photos (individual photos & photo strips) will be placed online in a private gallery that only the attendees will have access too. We will assign your company a private password associated with the event that will attached to the photo strip that the guests will receive.
  • We can also set up a different type of watermark or overlay on the individual photos that will be uploaded to the online gallery.
  • Once the guests are home rummaging throughout the photos and they find the ones they want to upload, your advertising and branding will begin to work after hours! The guests do the marketing FOR YOU! Watch it spread like wild fire!